About GaLA.

GALA – Games and Learning Alliance

GALA – Games and Learning Alliance is a Network of Excellence funded under FP7 that aimed to act as a reference point at international level in the serious game (SG) field. The scope of the NoE was to collect, integrate, harmonize and coordinate serious games research; disseminate knowledge, best practices and tools; support the deployment in actual educational and training settings; foster innovation and knowledge transfer through research-business dialogue; strong integration among leading SG researchers, users and business; support the current standards of education, in order to favour a real uptake and scaling of the educational games initiatives; identify key issues and address them through multidisciplinary teams (putting always the users – learners and teachers - and stakeholders in the centre of the focus); promote Research and Development team forces – organized in thematic areas (e.g. joint PhD and MSc projects on hot SG research projects, joint project proposals); dissemination of the NoE achievements as a flagship EU initiative in the TEL; strong coordination with EU TEL activities, offering a specialized focus and expertise on SGs.

Source: GALA NoE