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By istro from Romania

ACRIMSAT studies the sun's energy output with uniform sensitivity to improve knowledge of the sun's role in global change.

Developer Name: Christian A. Lopez

Source: Advanced Distributed Learning

Sponsor information: NASA

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  • 3D Repository
    ADL 3D Repository

    The ADL 3D Repository is a website for uploading, finding, and downloading 3D models. Any 3D model may be uploaded, but the system is optimized for certain file types including .fbx, .dae, .obj, .skp, and .3ds. The 3D Repository provides services for these optimized file types such as extracting polygon count and texture metadata, viewing models in 3D using Flash or O3D plug-ins, and converting models between these file types. Read more

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    Invitation to join ADL’s new “CoP Profiles” Group

    We are launching a new community effort that includes ISDs, learning designers, and developers who will work to identify and standardize how Experience API (xAPI) statements are expressed using the ADL xAPI vocabulary. The broader purpose of this new working group is to identify best practices for generating a community profile of the xAPI. Read more

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